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Letter to Congress Members on Obama Climate Policy
Unpublished June 28, 2013
Warning of undermining balance of powers
Obama intent to impose climate policy does end run around Congress

Biblical Justice vs. Social Justice
2011 December 8, 2011
Presents Biblical evidence against redistributivism and "positive" rights
Rebuts arguments for government redistribution of wealth, builds Biblical understanding of justice

Might We Sing a New Song? A Review of Song of a Scientist, by Cal DeWitt
TheoEcology Journal October 5, 2012
Environmental ethics and stewardship
Major book review (ca. 45,000 words)

Cornwall Alliance Comment to EPA on CO2 Regulation
Cornwall Alliance June 22, 2012
Formal public comment opposing CO2 regulation
This comment gives theological, scientific, and economic reasons not to restrict power-plant CO2 restrictions. Signed by 109 leaders.

Are Mercury Emissions as Evil as Abortion? Somebody Wants Voters to Think So
Unpublished January 27, 2012
Greens obscure meaning of "pro-life," threaten to divide pro-life vote
Evangelical Green group equates EPA mercury regulation with pro-life

Climate Policy: Theological, Scientific, and Economic Considerations May 31, 2010
4th International Conference on Climate Change lecture
Particularly examines post-normal science's corruption of climate science

False God & False Gospel of Moral Government Theology
Book: Evangelical Heathenism 1996

Evidences of an Implicit Three-Office View in the Book of Church Order of the PCA
Center for the Advancement of Paleo-Orthodoxy 2000

A Delightful Restriction
Unpublished Sermon March 1, 2009
Joyful Sabbath Observance
Compares sabbath observance with a honeymoon

Economics from the Perspective of a Christian World View
Introduction to economics with emphasis on ethics

The Double-Edged Sword of Multiculturalism
Crosswinds Fall 1995
Critical examination of multiculturalism
Subjects multiculturalist ideology to pedagogical and logical critique

God & Evil: A Contradiction in the Christain Faith?
Christian Research Journal 2007
A logical answer to the "problem of evil"
Includes a critique of the free will defesne

How Environmentalism Disdains the Poor
The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty August 1998
Environmental policy often harms the poor
Incorporates observations from a trip to India

Living Stream Ministries Joins ECPA
Witness Lee and Local Churches
Brief review of theological errors in Lee's teaching

Environmental Declaration Seeks Consensus on Controversial Views
World November 27, 1993
Critique of Evangelical Declaration on Care of Creation

Evangelical Environmentalism: An Assessment of Its Worldview and Theology
April 25, 1998
Address to Philadelphia Society Annual Meeting

What Can the Westminster Standards Tell Us About the Global Warming Controversy?
July 1, 2006
Applies theology of Westminster standards to global warming debate
Address to International Conference on the Work of the Westminster Assembly

Dominion, Redemption, and an Ecology of Hope
March 19, 1999
Address to the Compassion and the Care of Creation conference, Malone College

Oneness Pentecostalism: Refuting its Soteriology, Christology, and Theology
Refutation of United Pentecostalism & other oneness cults
Detailed lecture outline

The Environmental Dimensions of Poverty
February 5-8, 1998
Panel presentation, Atlas Economic Research Foundation

Prices, Incentives, Markets, and Scripture
June 22-26, 1998
Address to Grove City College Summer Institute on Religious Faith and Economics

Stop the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
February 9, 2009
Support Parental Rights Amendment
Explains dangers of UN treaty on children's rights

Deep Ecology, Neo-Paganism, and the Irrationalism of Global Warming Hysteria February 2, 2008
Postmodern & neo-pagan influence on environmental science
Contrasts modeling science with empirical science

Summary of Major Concepts, Principles, and Functions of Logic
Quick summary of traditional formal logic
For syllogistic, hypothetical, conjunctive, disjunctive, dilemma arguments; and informal fallacies

What Is the Most Important Environmental Task Facing American Christians Today?
Institute on Religion & Democracy November 2007
Triage on environmental concerns
Theological, ethical, scientific, and economic foundations for environmental stewardship

Global Warming--Why Evangelicals Should Not Be Alarmed
Reformed Perspective September, 2007
Science against manmade GW alarmism
Major developments over last 12 months

Head Coverings and the Glory of God
Unpublished February 1, 2007
Analysis of the logic of 1 Cor. 11:1-16
God, not culture, requires women's head coverings in worship.

"Scientific Orthodoxies, Politicized Science, and Catastrophic Global Warming: Challenges to Evangelicals Navigating Rough Waters in Science & Policy"
Paper delivered to Evangelical Theological Society November 15, 2006

Evangelizing Our Children
Lecture at "The Family: God's Weapon for Victory" October 7, 2006
Reformed doctrine of children and covenant
Provides theological principles and practical actions for evangelizing our children

A Call to Truth, Prudence, and Protection of the Poor: An Evangelical Response to Global Warming
Interfaith Stewardship Alliance website July 25, 2006
Refutes Evangelical Climate Initiative
Co-authored with Roy Spencer, Paul Driessen, and Ross McKitrick

Open Letter to the Signers of "Climate Change: An Evangelical Call to Action" and Others Concerned about Global Warming
Interfaith Stewardship Alliance website July 25,2006
Introduces "Call to Tuth"
Includes list of 140+ endorsers

Classical Presuppositional Apologetics: Reintroducing an Old Theme
Unpublished Seminary Lecture 2006
Non-fideistic presuppositional apologetics
Distinguishes classical Augustinian from modern Van Tilian presuppositionalism

Aggressive Secularism Evident in Judge's Ruling Barring Intelligent Design
December 2005
Defends intelligent design in public education

Response to Louisiana Presbytery on Federal Vision
Online July 29, 2005
Critique of exoneration of Steve Wilkins
Letter demonstrates contradictions between Federal Vision and Westminster Confession

The Roles of Faith in Justification and Sanctification
Knox Theological Seminary website Summer 2004

"Introduction" to Auburn Avenue Theology: Pros & Cons: Debating the Federal Vision
edited anthology March 2004
Introduces the controversy over "Federal Vision" theology
Full book can be ordered under "Books" at this website

Concluding Comments on the Federal Vision
anthology, The Auburn Avenue Theology, Pros & Cons March 2004
States strengths and weaknesses of Federal Vision
Click on "Books" link at this website to order book

The Teachings of Witness Lee and the Local Church
Christian Research Institute booklet 1977
Critique of Lee's theology, soteriology, & ecclesiology
2003 revision of 1977 original

Living Stream Joins ECPA
Christian Research Journal April 25, 2003
"Local Church" publisher joins evangelical association
Argues that Local Church's teachings are contrary to orthodox evangelicalism

What Is the Gospel?
Knox Seminary chapel sermon March 6, 2003
Exposition of Romans 1:16-17
Distinguishes Paul's gospel from that of Federal Vision or "Auburn Avenue" theology

What Is the Faith that Justifies?
Sermon in Knox Seminary Chapel October 22, 2002
Exposition of Romans 3:19-31
Explains what saving faith is and refutes Norman Shepherd

Considerations Preliminary to the Study of Ethics
Unpublished class lecture 2002
Basic foundations for ethics
Provides metaphysical and epistemological foundations for ethics

To What Ends Did Christ Die?
Sermon in Knox Seminary Chapel November 29, 2001
On the purposes of Christ's death
Among other things, defends particular redemption

The Loveliness of Christ
Knox Seminary chapel sermon October 3, 2000
On preaching the beauty of Christ
Draws on 17th-century Scottish pastor Samuel Rutherford

Warming Up to Earth Day
World April 22, 2000
Thirtieth anniversary of Earth Day
Not all Earth Week events were alarmist

No Pat Answers: Roots & Fruits of Environmentalism
Unpublished October 11-12, 1999
Hostility to humanity at root of environmentalism

Material Progress Over the Past Millennium
World July 31, 1999
Economic development of the West

Ted Turner Should Move to Calcutta
Chattanooga News-Free Press; Atlanta Constitution October 27, 1998
Refute's Turner's attack on Christianity
Media mogul Ted Turner blames ecotastrophe on Christianity

How Environmentalism Disdains the Poor
The Freeman--Ideas on Liberty August 1998

Evangelical Environmentalism: An Assessment
Lecture to Philadelphia Society April 25, 1998
Environmental world view and theology

Answers to Questions on Calvinism's Doctrines of Divine Sovereignty & Human Responsibility
Unpublished April 1996?
Response to Lutherans' challenge
Responds to questions asked by Lutherans about Calvinist doctrine

The Bible & Gender Inclusive Language
The Bagpipe (Covenant College) February 3, 1995

Is There an Invisible Hand to Help the Poor?
Crosswinds: The Reformation Digest September 15, 1993
How the market helps, and welfare hurts, the poor
Free markets are the only way poverty has been alleviated in history.

Is There an Invisible Hand to Help the Poor?
September 15, 1993
Markets help, welfare hurts
Free markets are the only way poverty has been alleviated in history.

Justice and Poverty: Two Views Contrasted
Transformation January/April 1993
Biblical study justice and how it relates to poverty
Defends a desert-based against an egalitarian understanding of justice in economics and social ethics

Poverty: A Problem in Need of Definition
Welfare Reformed: A Compassionate Approach 1994
Establishing a Biblical definition of poverty
Showing the absurdity of relative definitions of poverty

Is There an Invisible Hand to Help the Poor?
Crosswinds: Reformation Digest 1994
How free market solves poverty
Free market helps poor, welfare state harms them

Is There an Invisible Hand to Help the Poor?
Crosswinds: Reformation Digest 1994
How free market solves poverty
Free market helps poor, welfare state harms them

AIDS and Rationality
Unpublished October 1990?
AIDS funding out of proportion to need
Argues that major funding for AIDS diverts money from much greater needs

Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation
CARIS 1980
Refutation of Church of Christ arguments for baptismal regeneration
Takes up each passage claimed for baptismal regeneration and explains it in context

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