Speaking Engagements

   Welcome! We're delighted that you'd like to have Dr. Beisner speak to your group, and we look forward to identifying schedule and topics that will serve you well. Please be aware that groups that sponsor his talks will need to meet the following basic requirements for expenses, honorarium, and handouts:

   *full travel (including ground and air transportation), meals, and lodging expense;
   *honorarium of US$1,500 to cover his time (first two days or parts of days away from home) and one lecture, plus US$750 for each additional lecture and US$250 for each additional day (after two) that he is required to be away. Dr. Beisner prefers for lectures to be scheduled so that he speaks for one hour, then takes questions for thirty minutes, then has a break for fifteen to thirty minutes before another lecture, Q&A, and break, up to four lectures in a single day;
   *the cost of any handout materials as agreed in advance.

   For example, under this fee structure, if he presented three lectures in a time frame that required only two days away from home, the cost to the hosts would be US$3,000 honorarium plus travel, meals, and lodging, plus handouts agreed in advance.

   To schedule a speaking engagement, please begin the process by e-mailing calvin@ecalvinbeisner.com. Thank you!

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