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Answers for Atheists
Answers for Atheists: Dialogs about Christian Faith and Life
Our Price: $15.00
Apologetic Discourse ISBN: 0-89107-700-6 191 Pages Retail: $20.00
An atheist asks many common questions of a Christian and gets solid, Biblical ansers. This book is an educational resource for the Christian who wants to be an effective witness. Written for Campus Crusade for Christ.

Evangelical Heathenism?
Evangelical Heathenism?: Examining Contemporary Revivalism
Our Price: $5.00
Critique of Moral Government Theology ISBN: 1-885767-18-8 154 Pages Retail: $8.50
A critique of Moral Government Theology, the precursor to the Open Theism movement which has been influential in many youth missions and evangelism movements.

God in Three Persons
God in Three Persons:
Our Price: $15.00
Thesis on the Doctrine of the Trinity ISBN: 1-59244-545-4 160 Pages Retail: $19.00
Study of the early history of hte doctrine of the Trinity, demonstrating its Biblical soundness. Now! Back in print after 10 years!

Jesus Only Churches
Jesus Only Churches:
Our Price: $4.00
Zondervan Guide to the Cults and Religious Movements ISBN: 0-310-48871-0 87 Pages Retail: $6.99
This book includes: A concise introduction to Jesus Only churches, an overview of the movement's theology, a Biblical response, witnessing tips, and much more.

Prospects for Growth, A Biblical View of
Prospects for Growth, A Biblical View of: Population, Resources, and the Future
Our Price: $20.00
Biblical Stewardship of the earth ISBN: 0-89107-554-2 282 Pages Retail: $N/A
Out of Print. Available only from the author in photocopy.

Prosperity and Poverty: The Compassionate Use of
Prosperity and Poverty: The Compassionate Use of: Resources in a World of Scarcity
Our Price: $20.00
Introduction to economics and economic ethics ISBN: 1-57910-808-3 304 Pages Retail: $29.00
An introduction to economics and economic ethics from the Christian world view, defending free-market economy and exploring ways to help the poor.

Psalms of Promise
Psalms of Promise: Celebrating the Majesty and Faithfulness of God
Our Price: $9.00
Commentary on Selected Psalms ISBN: 0-87552-107-X 283 Pages Retail: $10.99
Psalms of Promise contains commentary on nineteen of the Covenantal Psalms. Some of the Psalms included are: Ps 104; Ps 107; Ps 105; Ps 1; Ps 22.

Social Justice
Social Justice:
Our Price: $$2.00
ISBN: 29 Pages Retail: $$2.00
"Social justice," by confusing justice and grace, is really injustice and obscures the gospel

The Auburn Avenue Theology, Pros and Cons
The Auburn Avenue Theology, Pros and Cons: Debating the Federal Vision
Our Price: $12.00
22 papers by the key thinkers in the debate ISBN: 0-9749477-0-9 331 Pages Retail: $15.99
22 chapters pro and con about the new perspective on covenant theology, the sacraments, and the gospel being promoted by some Reformed thinkers.

Where Garden Meets Wilderness
Where Garden Meets Wilderness: Evangelical Entry into the Environmental Debate
Our Price: $16.00
Biblical evaluation of the evangelical environmental movement ISBN: 0-8028-4434-0 256 Pages Retail: $24.00
A historical survey and Biblical evaluation of the world view, theology, ethics, science, politics, and scientology of the evangelical environmental movement.

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